Mexico: Will a President Chavez Taste?

August 28, 2009




+ LES Salio El backfire


Since Mexico is, as you said my dear Emilio Azcarraga, “a country of fucking,” the figure of “Johnny” can not go unnoticed by political analysts, given the 2012 presidential election.

“Juanito” is to a Mexican political reality, a letter to the elections ahead.
As it was Evo Morales in Bolivia.

And as have other members of the Marxist who, backed by Venezuela’s petrodollars, have been taking power on our continent, under the blessing of octogenarian Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

“Juanito” is one of the best finished products of political marketing that the blindness of the left inexperfiencia dealer and Calderon-PAN produced.

Indeed, if politicians with national experience handling the reins, “Juanito” today would be seen with benevolence, a character in the Mexican picaresque. An anecdote. One of those losing candidates from which no one remembers who ever lived.

But no.

The stubbornness of the current national policy architects, in their blind zeal to harm at all costs to Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Marxist radical current that accompanies it, move all wires possible to prevent the official candidate of the Party of the Revolution Democratic Delegation of Iztapalapa by Clara Brugada out.

What was sought was, first, to limit the real scope of the current PRD chavizta within the Federal District, preventing the official standard bearer for that off Clara Brugada political delegation, and on the other, to endorse political negotiations family of Iztapalapa PRD leader, Rene Arce, putting on his former wife as head of the river and, some, thus settling the outstanding account he had with her, after having committed some time ago with Ruth Zavaleta Salgado, whom presumably would fathered a child.

The outcome of this maneuver was victimize Clara Brugada and, additionally, bring to a PRD structure due to chaviztas of Iztapalapa. The consequences, we know:

A) The structure of the PRD official in charge of Rene Arce, was defeated.

B) Support groups for Lopez Obrador in the river showed such strength, that efforts to expel AMLO PRD, took to the trash.

C) Alejandro Encinas, López Obrador’s main backer in the Federal District, was designated leader of the federal deputies of the PRD in the next Legislature.

D) Formally “Juanito” was elected as a delegate of Iztapalapa, the most populous city in Mexico.

The real or perceived problems between Clara Brugada and “Juanito”, as well as between the latter and those close to it, are anecdotal versus reality that the new character of Mexican politics, supported by the structure behind neoperredista Lopez Obrador, could easily represent a few million votes to the PRD. The number of votes he got in that prefecture in the last election, proves it.

Few know his name. But everyone knows as “Juanito”. The man has already said he will play for the President of the Republic. In a country where most are “messed up” I saw Don Emilio, where rates of income, employment, security and others have been devastated in recent years, what could represent “Juanito” for the tens of millions of Mexicans in extreme poverty?

Clearly, “Johnny” was the product of the prevailing political blunder in the circles of power in Mexico. Having observed the election as a candidate Brugada delegated Iztapalapa, it would have been less costly to the enemies of Lopez Obrador to “intelligently” engineered the move. Today, by contrast, has burst onto the national political scene a picturesque character known to most. It has a weight, which will surely interested in feeding the presidential contest in 2012. The political marketing will play an important role. But obviously, next to Marcelo Ebrard and Lopez Obrador, “Juanito” is already part of the assets of the left. For now, there is little doubt that, as some say, in a country of fucking, the one-eyed man is king. ”

Meanwhile, it is expected to repeat the phenomenon of Bolivia, the Calderon government remains locked in the fight against narco shot, which left the only fat profits is the arms manufacturers.

One of the most profitable businesses in the last two years has been the intermediaries encragados to have the Secretariat of National Defense of equipment and weaponry used in war against some of the drug cartels. War, of course, is bound to prove fruitless as biased. It is limited to the business of trading and processing, but not the consumption. In both continue to grow the number of addicts in our country, what will happen in the U.S., where the force is imposed market demand.


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