President Loses Consensus

September 19, 2009



* SOLO PANista “fall” CABINET



Just to serve three years as President, the stage in traditional Mexican governments accumulate as much power around him, Felipe Calderón has lost consensus:
1. – The elections of last July were a demonstration of popular dissatisfaction with his government.
2. – The National Action Party, who ran for President, as a result of discouragement from l os citizens, suffered its worst defeat since taking power in 2000.
3. – Calderon also lost the complete trust of a significant segment of militants of his party and was challenged publicly by them to enforce the current leader, Cesar Nava.
4 .- Calderon lost his parliamentary majority, a fact that becomes impractical if not impossible, to the approval of his alleged reform.
5 .- The union of employers in the country, the Employers Confederation of Mexico, severely criticized the economic reform package that the Calderon administration sent to Congress, to put it into operation in 2010.
6 .- The majority of legislators, activists of opposition parties (PRI, PRD, Convergencia and Green Ecologist), have been reluctant to support elpaquete developed by Calderon’s economic team.
In contrast to the rapid decline of power, the Calderon government seems to have taken two steps that allow us to observe quite clearly that the President is operating and its claim to appoint his successor in Los Pinos:
A) Remove the body of Cardinals to two men who might overshadow him in this process: The Black Horse, Alberto Cardenas, Eduardo Medina Mora.
B) Appointed to replace these former officials to gray men without any political weight within the PAN and citizenship, a fact that sends a clear message, in the sense that they want in the cabinet to a man with whom to establish Shadow rounds . (Recall that the country’s political past, the Presidents, by contrast, changes made at this time in his administration in order to incorporate political figures that allowed them to “open range” divide and distract the groups and factions, and thereby consolidate his power as a faithful of the scale).
C) All changes made so far in six years seems to indicate the limits under which they operate the partnerships established with zedillato and Elba Esther Gordillo: in fact, almost all far removed, are PAN, and instead remain in power, despite the enormous political cost to Calderon has occurred within and outside the PAN, relatives and faithful followers of the “teacher”.
Against this background, in the same context there have been some statements that can not escape the notice of local and foreign analysts, given that confirm the thesis presented here since last July, in the sense that the sequence would be operating Calderon would “the left”.
In other words, the hybrid under which Calderon has maintained, to the chagrin of the citizenry that is still waiting for the much coveted “change” that the proposed NAP since its existence, is giving way to a false centrism that pretend to fit in practice to a social scheme:
* The highly criticized official reception that gave the just deposed as President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, who has been operating as a mere form of chess of Hugo Chávez in our continent.
* The intentionally publicized meeting with the wobbly Cesar Nava Jesús Ortega, leader of the Democratic Revolution Party.
* The constant assertion of self-Nava, to reach out to build alliances with the PRD, but not with the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party), the latter majority express wish of the public.
The problem for Calderon is that despite the “moorings” that seems to have with The Chuchos, knows perfectly well that does not guarantee a reliable and lasting alliance with the PRD, because the real force that is the group that is made publicly express through Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.
Whatever the case, Calderon paracer being deliberately set aside “letters” strong PAN, in the attempt to impose a successor negotiated with the left, through the intermediary of zedillato and Elba Esther, with the intention of returning to defeat the PRI. Something, indeed, that Zedillo (2000) and Gordillo (2006) and were happy.



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