Mexico: Official game and Marxists against the PRI

September 26, 2009


* OAXACA: Experiment for 2012

* Bravo Mena, spine, and NAVA, GUILTY





The alliance that the Mexican ruling party PAN has agreed with the Marxist PRD to try to win the governorship of Oaxaca state, in elections that are to be held, fully confirms the progress we offered our readers from the early days of last July:

1 .- The alliance of both parties is a preview of what Mexican President Calderon appears to have decided, at the suggestion, emulation or covenant with who seems to be his mentor, exmandatario Ernesto Zedillo, that his successor at the official residence of Los Pinos is left.

2 .- from Los Pinos confirms that it has been decided to abandon the current hybrid scheme of government to push the ruling party, the Partido Accion Nacional (PAN), a line of action towards social definitely.

3 .- likewise confirms that the last three presidents who had the Mexican ruling today PAN – Luis Felipe Bravo Mena, Manuel Espino and Cesar Nava– have been instruments through which ideological transshipment has occurred unnoticed by the party , to take a line close to the Church’s social doctrine, to a clear social democratic position.

Oaxaca, then, is merely an advancement of the presidential elections of 2012.

But this experiment could not implement, in the absence of confluence of two critical elements:

A) The doctrinal confusion clear and obvious moral deviation of young politicians, calling themselves Catholic in practice operate in reverse, creating great confusion among the electorate and the militancy of the party.

B) The tangible commitments of the current Mexican President Calderon called “zedillato” and the magisterial leader Elba Esther Gordillo.

In summary, the combination of both ingredients, which has come to reign is pragmatism, not being a virtue, is something to boast that some of the politicians “Catholics” PAN.

Indeed, although for them, self-styled Catholic politicians, the end should not justify the means, however, an unhealthy, obsessive anti-PRI, has led them to adopt the pursuit of greater evil by association with the left, which contributes to promote socio-political environment adversely affecting the authentic human development, in effect, to put aside the principles, these young politicians are promoting a climate especially John Paul II and Benedict XVI have severely criticized for damaging for the soul and the salvation of human persons:

* The tyranny of relativism, which clouds the understanding and hinders the knowledge and love of truth and God himself.

* Contribute to building a social mindset and skeptical.

* Good for the promotion of inner insecurity of the person, to shore up the lack of certainty, because everything becomes relative, on circumstantial convenenciero, electoral.

* This irenicism electioneering enormous damage occurs also in the consciousness of people of good faith: how to jump from the hand of those who, like the PRD, support abortion, gay marriage, euthanasia and adoption of children by same-sex couples?. I forgive the recalcitrant anti-PRI and simplistic, but only under the initials of the PRD have been adopted such practices. “How can I give my vote, being Catholic, for a party that supports all unnatural?, People say.

That attitude, unfortunately, was first adopted in the NPA since Luis Feli Bravo Mena became president of it. He followed with Hawthorn and now stays with Nava. Acronyms and party militants used to work for candidates opposed to the principles of doctrine of PAN. Take the case of Demetrio Sodi de la Tijera.

With one hand defending the right to life and the other associated with the promoters of abortion. Why so …? Are we or are we not?

Plinio Correa de Oliveira, for decades, it warned: the dangerous strategy of “dialogue” as a straight path for the transfer of ideology. Today the “dialogue” is called “alliance.”

Basically, what happens with the new generation of young Catholic politicians is that a good portion of them have been trained in despair, that is, have been convinced of the need to be handled under the policy of “partnership” of “tethers”, provided they took office, the governor, the senate, the deputation, a political delegation, as if a Catholic politician cared real power for power’s sake. “The thing, repeat, is coming.”

This policy of despair, lacking depth reading lessons that Catholic politicians of today offers the Pentateuch, has convinced himself that alone can never, of that alone, never accede to power, that to defeat Goliath that have become the PRI’s inner world may not do so “in partnership”, not grace, from which David won. Already they forgot “The Value of the Human Divine” Jesus Urteaga the recently deceased. In other words, “reread” from the perspective of these Alliance associationist or PAN-PRD, the Maccabees had to have hauled down the flags and best compromise.



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