Mexican President Desperate, depressed, isolated

November 14, 2009

* CALDERON: Isolated, desperate, DEPRESSED




As we warned in this space months ago, Mexican President Felipe Calderón is following the same steps desperate populist two of its predecessors: Luis Echeverría and José López Portillo, to blame their employers in court failed socialist economic proposals .

President Calderón, accused by various sectors have benefited to become President of Mexico from a television campaign before the 2006 election, sponsored by the entrepreneurs themselves to those currently charged, analysts say presents the image of isolated and desperate man, accusing symptoms of depression as a result of what specialists in the field of mental behavior called the aftermath of mourning the loss of a beloved object.

In fact, Calderon has gone from defeat to defeat.

Psychoanalytically, this phenomenon can be described as the continuing loss of objects.

* He lost the elections held in the middle of his term.

* He lost his majority in Congress and “their” party is now a minority in Congress.

* Lost governorates such as Queretaro, who had held the National Action Party (PAN) two six in a row.

* He lost his man of confidence in the presidency of the PAN, Germain Martinez.

* He lost the real leadership of the party that brought him to power by imposing a president instead of Germain Martinez Cesar Nava, who was openly rejected by a large number of militants.

* He had the unanimous support of the PAN legislators to his own economic plan for 2010.

* The entrepreneurs of all levels did not support his economic proposal, since it was not focussed within the real factors of power and only emerges to raise taxes.

* All opposition parties rejected his economic package.

* The economic package Calderon, however, that the party to which he belongs is part of the Christian Democratic International, was a socialist, as Spain, since it was based solely on tax increases. In contrast, the Christian Democrat Angela Merkel won the election a few weeks ago, thanks to its proposal to reduce taxes on people, so out of the crisis.

* Thousands of Mexicans through Internet social networks were organized spontaneously to reject the new taxes proposed by Calderon.

All this forms a string of defeats wake of “losses” that the psychic apparatus is recorded, to form a depression, but also by the internal conformation of a reality that is far from being shared by the generality, leads to fragmentation, to a split in which the good world is constituted by what I believe, I think, I glide, and the evil world, aggressive, so everyone else sees, thinks, they say. I assume, well, a defensive position against the external world, which I consider hostile.

The clash with reality, then, produces a severe confrontation between what Melanie Klein called his inner world and outer world. Among the internally designed ideal world and the real world. Among his personal script l to reality itself.

After the major defeat suffered by the middle of his term – despite the smear campaign acid driving the PRI PAN against the former leader – Calderon appeared to be in a decomposition process, which seems to have it aimlessly, with confusing messages that must be rectified later.

* The campaign against drug trafficking has been partial. Only traders focused on gangs and not the consumer.

* Moreover, the same official campaign against drug trafficking, Calderon’s government was responsible for publicizing widely by all the media before the elections, to pretend to win votes of the electorate, had no positive effect among citizens, which preferred to give his vote for the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party).

* The big winners in the fight against drug trafficking are the intermediaries in the sale of weapons. There are fat commissions are shared between sales agents of corporations engaged in the manufacture of arms and ammunition.

* And the Mexican government seems to have fallen in the fight game between the bands as “the third party concerned.” Indeed, speaking in the fray for control of places, the government, hitting a group, favors the other. So that the struggle has become a battle of “puffs” of accusations between the same mafia. But strengthening power of the band El Chapo, who remains a fugitive from justice and untouched so far.

This official strategy against drug trafficking, therefore, has not delivered the goods politicians believed that the Mexican government, and society, disturbed by the lack of real change, is what has given back to the political party of President Calderon in virtually all elections were held.

Observing this phenomenon, it seems that the government has failed to absorb the weight of reality, then, has entered the phase of scapegoating. For specialists is another step in the depressive phase, which is to consider the subject of being understood as a person and not see others as aggressors. This dynamic often leads to isolation, the self-segregation.

Wanting to blame the businessmen of the fate of failed economic proposal of the Mexican government in 2010 is not presented as an action consistent with reality, since the rejection was popular.

What the country needs is a tax reduction to encourage consumption, slow the economy and promote investment, which together, as well as stimulate economic activity, will translate into higher taxes. That really is reality.

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