Spanish Marxist partner does lose money by Mexican billionaire Emilio Azcarraga and Televisa

November 22, 2009

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* THE “PEOPLE BASTKETBALL” Zapatero seems to sink


It seems that Mexican businessman of television, Emilio Azcarraga Jean, will take strong measures in the coming days that could redefine their society with a Spanish Marxist group that embarked on a costly adventure that can lead to Televisa, the world leader in television Hispanic headache with some investors.

So far, management conducted by the consortium TELEVISA Azcarraga Jean, has been impeccable. Not only has preserved what he inherited from his father, but has even increased it received. He has made some interesting operations that have allowed diversification and, therefore, lower exposure to risks arising from having everything put in one basket. Certainly the bulk of the revenue remains the same, but no doubt it has been known to drive with two middle brilliance turbulence:

* The alternation of power in Mexico, which means they restructure the relationship with the real factors of power in that country, where the president no longer enjoys the privileges meta decades ago, and

* Successive economic crises resulting from financial mismanagement in New York: first, the severe blow to international investors on discovery of accounting scandals that began with the famous Enron case, and secondly, the recession triggered by the injection funds in high-risk mortgages that became unaffordable, and reason for the technical bankruptcy of the U.S. financial system.

However, the only point of concern is the dual society that has established a curious business groups, significantly linked to the Spanish Socialists, now experiencing serious problems.

A) The first was with today endeudadísimo Grupo Prisa, the late Jesus de Polanco, from a minor league contract for the operation of the company that gave rise to TELEVISA: XEW radio station, known as the Voice of America America from Mexico. The Socialist tendencies of the Prisa Group and, therefore, their SER radio division, has given several headaches Emilio Azcarraga Jean, before handling biased ideologizing with which it has been at times to manage the hotline and comments. Another of the ballast with which it has struggled Azcarraga Jean is Antonio Navalon, very disreputable character in Spain, for his involvement in an explosive case of just handling of public funds during one of the socialist governments of that country.

B) But the second case was the association of Televisa, in 2006, with the so-called Group Mediapro, which in Spain has been linked publicly with the still politically from that country’s socialist president, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

TELEVISA Spanish entered the television market with a not inconsiderable 40% of shares in the channel called La Sexta, a firm that according to the initial public comment, due to ties of its main backer Spanish, the picturesque Trotskyist Jaume Roures, with Spanish socialist officials could get some juicy profits. This, however, has not worked. For the sake of those unfamiliar with the Hispanic social ExtraMED, we say that such Roures, who runs the television station La Sexta, a character who seems to emerge from the picaresque

* Roures is called in Spain “The People Basketball Zapatero.

* Roures Mediapro Group owns, operates as a holding company under whose umbrella they operate, for example, the open television channel La Sexta and declared a small newspaper of communist leanings called Public.

* The latest reports indicate that this group reported has a “financial gap of 3.140 billion euros, that is deepening every day because daily newspaper lost 50,000 euros and the Televisa network [which Televisa owns 40% of the shares], 350.000. 350,000 euros a day …!

* As if that were not enough, says the company “will have six years pay EUR 2.583 million for broadcasting rights. A huge number, because it is 25 times greater than the equity of the company and 80 times its operating profit” as Digital Journalist discusses just this past 21 November 2009. The numbers therefore do not add up.

* The worst of it all, and mainly for the smart Emilio Azcarraga Jean, is that they have two completely opposite philosophies. Emilio, in effect, recognizes the social function of television show, but also clearly stated in seeking business profitability, as it has hundreds of thousands of shareholders in the world who should be held accountable satisfactory. Instead, the picturesque Roures, defined itself as Marxist, says: “I make money to serve my ideas.” He adds: “I do not work, I was active.

Go partner to put into the hands of Emilio Azcarraga …! A Marxist activist who apparently affected the prestigious defined by the psychiatrist Otto Kernberg, as T ISORDERS Narcissistic Personality, “just looking to make money for autodeleitarse. And so lost 350,000 euros a day in La Sexta! Total, s nly happens to TELEVISA account …

The words I quoted from the picturesque Marxist Jaume Roures are copied from an interview he gave the French Communist newspaper Liberation, that any idle can be found at the website of the Paris daily.

Roures, the picturesque Marxist who spent several years in prison during the Franco regime not because of his ideas but his Trotskyite militant subversive as stated, even has a daughter who was born in Nicaragua during the Sandino-Communist revolution.

With the resources we got, they say in Spain, thanks to the business which was provided by its relations with the socialist leaders of his country, has produced films pro-Communist, as performed by Oliver Stone in which he praises Fidel Castro.

One thing is the words and other figures. You can say outrageous and a half, but the numbers do not lie. Let’s see how you represent the loss of MEDIAPRO TELEVISA And how long will support the Mexican television group which Roures continue having fun with other people’s money …

For now, Roures already had to cut staff in its daily paper Publico, which appeared last week without signatures in protest of drafting such a measure taken to address the crisis in the newspaper.

And to make matters worse, the Spanish Socialist government seems to water:

* The farmers took to the streets to protest the lack of support they enjoy.

* The Socialist government itself was discredited by the way they “solved” the hijacking of the vessel Alakrana: gave money to the pirates made a pact with them.

* Unemployment is rising, reflecting the strategy of raising taxes, worsening the crisis.

The political support Roures therefore also seem to sink. The ship then sinks.

PD is said that behind all these investments that some Mexicans like Carlos Slim and Emilio Azcarraga been made in Spain, Curiously, significantly with “businessmen” not typically Marxist and capitalist, is the hidden hand of Felipe González. Is it?

* The photograph corresponds to Jaume Roures.


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