Challenge to Mexican president: the old political groups want to "compact" with them a new development model

December 2, 2009






Caerá “Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s the catch?.

The nomenklatura Mexican heredederos formed by the political groups of the old statist project promoters and socializing to be set off in 1917, seeks to regain political control of the country, forcing the current President Felipe Calderón to negotiate with a “new covenant social “next year.

To mark the bicentennial of the beginning of the revolution in Mexico that prevented change through peaceful and democratic means, the old statist and socialistic groups have launched an offensive aimed at laying the current Mexican president at a table where they sign with a new distribution of power.

In other words, what they have lost repeatedly in the polls Cuauhtemoc Cardenas and his Marxist group, now seek to recover in the shadows, that is, as in Aguascalientes and Queretaro in 1917 at a negotiating table to enable them to obtain a slice Mexican political power, they lost since the end of World War II.

There are three facts that no self-respecting analyst being Mexican public arena, can be ignored:

1 .- The statement of the same Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, the figurehead of the old factions Obregon and Cardenas chiropodist who left the PRI at the success of the current modernization of saline, and decided to form the PRD:

“Mexico needs a new development model that will build a great social pact, which has the axis true tax reform that copper who has more resources,” he said Monday in Guadalajara.

2 .- The preparation of a book published by the National Autonomous University of Mexico, titled “Mexico to the crisis. A new direction of development,” through which it aims to inspire a reversion to the budding process of modernization of the country, accusing him falsely of generate the current crisis that we suffer.

3 .- The proposal made by various spokesmen Cardenas, Felipe Calderón to agree to accept a new “social pact” with representatives of the old political trends, or else suffer an economic downturn.

We insist: this pressure is what they intend to get what they lost at the polls, receiving in the shadows, the hands of Calderon, which the people, repeatedly, denied in elections, in which the PRD ( Democratic Revolution Party) has lost ground in a row.

But look for a better understanding of our readers, so the search for a seemingly generous “new social pact” hides. It can be seen, albeit briefly, from two perspectives:

* The historical.

* The contractarian.

It must be remembered that after the first democratic elections held in Mexico, came to power peacefully as Francisco Madero to the presidency of the republic as independent politically diverse characters to state governments and Congress.

The rise of this new generation of governors, legislators and administrative officials outside the Masonic lodges, not to the liking of the old liberal groups, with support from the U.S. government decided to organize a coup, which followed years of national struggle for control known as the Mexican Revolution.

The beginning of the end of the fighting was forged by conducting negotiations between the factions that resulted in a “social pact” with the wording of the Constitution of 1917. The latter was a radical document, with a statist and socialistic character that printed an extra character antireligious the “new development model” of the revolutionaries; model that bred the Cristero, encouraged by the popular rejection to the government persecution of the Church and religion.

The higher degree of radicalism statist and socialistic governments stemming from the Mexican Revolution was given during the term of Lázaro Cárdenas. But then, at the end of the Second World War on the occurrence of the Cold War and American leadership, the Mexican government abandoned the radicalism, Jacobinism, statism and socialism, to assume a position pargmática, which created an atmosphere of stability, harmony, growth and development, known around the world.

However, this sound come from post-revolutionary governments – from Manuel Avila Camacho to Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, and after Miguel de la Madrid, Carlos Salinas de Gortari i – has greatly disturbed the flow Cardenas-socialist, who sees all these authorities as “traitors” to the so-called “historical project of the Mexican Revolution.

When the current was within the PRI Cardenas lost the possibility of a shift to the national course, being uncovered Carlos Salinas de Gortari as its presidential candidate, decidi’po leave the Institutional Revolutionary Party to form, together with the Mexican Communist Party, which now known as the PRD.

Repeatedly, Cardenas-socialist group has tried to regain their lost power and refocus the national direction, by a “new development model” which, as Cardenas himself has just said on Monday 30 November, capital punish. Ah ….! but having no capacity for it, are trying to force the weakened government of current President Calderón to a “social pact” that with their help, their participation, they can again have a juicy slice of cake Mexican political and reimpose the old model statist and socialist.

That is, for our readers, the translation of Christian which means the claim of Cuauhtemoc Cardenas and socialist intellectuals of forcing Calderon to sign a “social pact” in order to establish a “new development model”. For we must remember that as the intellectual part of the current contractarian, they estimate that by covenants is like establishing the social order.

They refuse to realize that beyond the “covenants” is the democratic process, and elections in particular.

They are truly evil.

Remain stationed in the past.

Democratic elections have replaced military revolutions, and instead of “compacts” is Congress, where he openly discussed the national direction. It’s what they, the Cardenas-socialists do not want to understand. As good contractarians insist the accord, in the concertacesión, in the shadows, in the written document in which they want to sign and decide, like they have national representation. The elections have replaced those covenants, conventions such as those of Aguascalientes and Queretaro. Now everything is open and not between factions, but between representatives for which the citizens voted and carried to the Chambers.

We therefore hope that is clear to everyone. And especially for President Calderon. For the good of the country.



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