Lose more money and Credibility in Spain on Mexican TV group of millionaire Azcarraga, Televisa

December 6, 2009



* Blow to the credibility of your channel “SIXTH”

* Ran out of patience Emilio Azcarraga Jean


Spain has become a real headache for the Mexican billionaire Emilio Azcarraga Jean, the principal shareholder of Hispanic television’s biggest world TELEVISA.
Bad advice from a bad adviser, Azcarraga Jean had taken the decision to partner with the Marxist Jaume Roures, head of the Spanish consortium “Mediapro, which has gained space and money with personal relationships with the Spanish head of government yet, Socialist José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.
That was why, as a result of such a society the Mexican television empire Televisa acquired 40% stake called Spanish channel La Sexta.
Contributions in millions of dollars, by Televisa, have become increasingly higher and higher than originally estimated. However, despite the injection of fresh money, the losses of the Sixth have caused the appearance of negative numbers in the Mexican group.
As if that were not enough, three factors hurt the image and the time it might to finance this adventure in which television, at the wrong time, got the group led by Emilio Azcarraga. Only last week, appeared in La Sexta, facts never suffered before in the history of the Mexican group. They are an embarrassment to our knowledge, are ending with the patience of the young, talented and visionary entrepreneur Mexican TV.
1 .- Throughout Spain has commented negatively on the decision not to grant the prize of 60,000 Euros, a young man before all the audience of La Sexta, hit correctly to questions put to it to be that amount.
2 .- As if that were not enough, is preparing a criminal complaint against the Sixth, because of another scandal. The Gazette fresume perfectly, Spain:

“Herman Tertsch, director and presenter of the daily report of the night Telemadrid has suffered” very serious allegations “by the Intermediate program of the Sixth, as the author himself has declared to this newspaper. The reason was an editorial the presenter read his program and in a few days ago which said that “in both pacifist minister would rather die to kill, the decision to kill an enemy that wants to kill us is justified as self defense and if I could kill fifteen members of Al Qaeda to free kidnapped countrymen would without doubt. ”

From the program The Great Wyoming Tertsch words used to make a sketch in which the journalist is “bent” with another voice and saying he would kill fifteen pacifists, who is willing to finish with fifteen children, with several ministers of Zapatero and the president himself. ”
The journalist’s response was not long in coming:
“Herman Tertsch going to report to the Sixth and El Gran Wyoming program. Jaume Roures chain and was quick to say that everything was a joke given” no intention to offend, “he responded to Tertsch to LA GAZETTE: “No offense? Some balls! “. “You can not call someone murderer and put in your mouth that you want to kill ministers, Zapatero and peace and then a joke. Enough with the mockery and the Gracieta! “Said the reporter for this newspaper.
The decision, which to some might seem exaggerated, actually not, since he and his family have faced, under what is alleged in the Sixth, an outrageous situation:

“Clearly upset and hurt by what happened, Tertsch told this newspaper that they have done” violates my safety. I can not go many places because they insult me in the street “because of the broadcast of that video.” They have attacked my honor. It has affected my family and everyday life. I’ve been hurt and will pay very dearly, “he said in a blunt.” Anyone who goes around comes around, “he added, so going to report them.

“In the unlikely event that The Sixth apologize publicly maintained the complaint:” no use to me a retraction. The damage is done, with my face on television and putting things in my mouth so severe. But I have not received any answer and did not expect. ”
3 .- The situation has not been in two cases, but is that before the widespread knowledge that businesses run by the Marxist Jaume Roures are in serious financial trouble, with daily losses, the government of his friend gave him a Zapatero contract with no benefits for the Sixth, but to another company owned only Roures, but has also generated outrage.
In fact, Zapatero’s Socialist government awarded the contract for work carried out in facilities Roures that supposedly can not be made on state television. The workers’ union official channel have jumped outraged. Therefore launched a complaint to the officials of the state enterprise, since they consider it inconceivable to benefit Roures, Zapatero’s Socialist government signing a contract for 50 million euros for jobs in government buildings, could be carried out. They said:

1. If it takes more assemblers in TVE, that they are engaged, but that at no time that will serve as an excuse to edit out of TVE-house productions.

2. We find it unfortunate that you use a private company [of Roures] to mount the programs produced by TVE. Are we going to have to ignore rumors that speak of a gradual privatization of CRTVE, undercover state budget guarantees?

3. We consider dangerous and profitable flagship programs of TVE are assembled outside of it, for the risk attached to the operation. Moreover, these spaces are self-produced, largely, the brand image to that date, and after many years of work, has TVE.

4. The edition of the programs means the final product, is the mark of quality and is absolutely vital, because the assembly depends on the final product is good or bad. The assembly joins the work of all professionals involved in the creation, development and product finishing. That is a priority that the work done in the editing booth, as relevant, to develop in our own agencies and professionals TVE.

5. It is very shocking and striking that some of the programs and facilities to produce Mediapro for TVE to be edited and assembled in the cockpit of TVE with our professionals, paying for it besides the CRTVE large amounts of money. It would be even more surprising that from now on TVE produces programs that had to be edited in   Mediapro … What are we playing? Who will benefit as this strange …?

6. We feel shame that, according to data provided in the press,   Mediapro obtain at least 50 million euros annually through programs and services performed for CRTVE.

As can be readily seen, the incursion into Spain has not proved beneficial for the group that it commands Emilio Azcarraga Jean. Neither economically nor politically.
Moreover, remember that last year there and advertisers withdrew their sponsorship of programs in La Sexta, owing to repeated attacks on the Church. Anyway …


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