Mexico: Calderón sends plane to Zelaya … and makes his successor?

December 10, 2009






A two and half years that the elections in Mexico to elect a new President, that country’s current president, Felipe Calderón, seems to act quickly, with the apparent aim of achieving two goals:

1 .- Try to get in that period economic performance has not been in government for three years, and

2 .- Through an expansive economic policy and a turning internal and external to the liking of the Socialist International, to produce steam for a presidential candidate who would seek to impose the political party which nominated him, that is, the PAN (National Action Party ).

Mexican President Calderon, in effect, times and spaces have diminished dramatically. Within two and half years and will have been held general elections in the country and will know the name of his successor. The fate, then, is cast. The peculiarity of the political times we live in that nation is to meet on the eve of 200 years of its revolution, the leeway for the president are narrowed:

* Citizens, entrepreneurs and foreign, national and foreign groups apolitical human rights defenders, have already expressed openly against excesses and deviations of the armed forces involved in the fight against drug gangs competing for control of the internal market .

* Only 48 hours in this space that we discussed the shift in Mexico’s foreign policy to align with the social democratic movement and Socialist International, there were two significant events that would confirm the observation:

A) The Mexican government sent an Air Force plane to try to draw from the failed Tegucijalpa Honduras Manuel Zelaya and exmandatario provide diplomatic asylum. Zelaya has been endorsed by the Socialist International and the Communist International, which explains the logistical and diplomatic Brazilian Socialist regime and the communist propaganda of Hugo Chávez.

B) In practically simultaneously reported a visit by Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa, will make to Cuba to meet with the Castro brothers.

The Mexican government has staked all his pieces in the propaganda war that has taken participation within the armed struggle that claimed by the drug gangs for control of territory. However, faced two serious setbacks:

1 .- In past elections, voters did not respond to the government campaign and had supported the PRI party opsición.

2 .- The people have begun to take to the streets to protest against what are called excesses of government troops in the part taken in the pitched battle between rival drug traffickers. Employers of Juarez, for example, have indicated that elements of government forces have established a kind of protection fees.

Meanwhile, the President has made changes in the economic area of administration. Treasury Secretary Agustin Carstens, oblivious to Calderon’s team finally was sent to cover the space reserved Zedillo won since his close friend, Guillermo Ortiz as head: the Bank of Mexico.

But the president also has removed Ernesto Cordero. First, the beginning of his government, embedded as Undersecretary of Finance, placed him as Secretary of Social Development, where the results were meager and of no avail to the PAN and the good image of government, the billions of dollars spent on support through this social dependence. Now he becomes Treasury Secretary position has been widely questioned in the circles of analysts, estimated two things:

* First, it does not possess the attributes of men who have been in that position, that is, that would be far from predecessors such as Antonio Ortiz Mena, Antonio Carrillo Flores, Jesus Silva Herzog, Francisco Gil Díaz …

* Second, that position, mainly technical, the connotation would be vote-buying that little benefit if it pays off, as they say, its new owner, Ernesto Cordero is the man they seek to impose Calderón his party, the PAN, so that is the presidential candidate in elections to be held within one and a half in Mexico. Whether in the case of Lamb or the other close to the current President, it is clear that seeking to build an image of which certainly lack all: popular support among the members PAN and knowledge and a good image among the bulk of the voters.

If the latter is true, then we are close to observing a new clash between President Calderón and the foundations of his party, the PAN, very unhappy with the way it has handled the political institution and the government itself.



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