Bill Gates and Azcarraga: Spain and Football, ¿bad business?

December 16, 2009


* FOOTBALL AND SPAIN: What will Emilio Azcarraga Jean?
Could this finally be 2010 when Emilio Azcarraga Jean, head of television conglomerate speaking world’s largest, Televisa, have to apply a change of course to right the ship commands, compared to some facts which attract the attention of some analysts and with what, as far as we know, he is dissatisfied:
1 .- The repeated disagreement among the millions of dollars each year in three professional football teams but do not reach reasonable performance levels.
2 .- The monetary channel more resources to Spanish television channel where he is attending the Mexican group called LaSexta, and instead of gaining audience, money and credibility, every day you get higher levels of disapproval.
3 .- The apparent draft with his aides to inject more money into television projects of traditional character, the wear resistance of a political-information that went into operation under the effluvium and transition Zedillismo Azcarraga Milmo-Azcarraga Jean, and that no longer holds today.
In the first case, it is well known that Televisa’s investment in football has the same root that led to dabble in other areas, as was the case of bullfighting, boxing sessions, the fight free and others: raising events in addition to promoting wholesome entertainment in the population, just as feeding the desire to watch television, as well as advertising, that is, audience and generate advertising revenue.
In this vein, through the American football club which has sought the Televisa consortium is to generate long “show.” However, now is involved in the possession of three football teams which have not been obtained, season after season, the desired results.
That is, people or groups with less economic investment, they achieved what they Televisa, with all the economic and promotional support that has not produced: the prized championship. In fact, during the era Azcarraga Jean has been achieved only such medal, and certainly under the management of Guillermo Canedo son, who had to give up the following season, the team’s dismal performance.
The formula more money equals more titles in football is false. Guadalajara soccer team is an example. And Televisa owns three teams, also bear this out, but primarily the Americas.
The problem is that the computers are part of the consortium. And this is a public consortium, has investors from the likes of Bill Gates, and the season just ended, the final took her final competition: TV Azteca, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, again …
Being public or private company, the only thing certain is that much money is invested and the low yields obtained.
Something must be happening because this is not a single team, not two, but three, who remain always in the middle of the road. Surely that has seen him and Emilio Azcarraga Jean, the sole owner of three football teams in the First Division, and who expect to win without one, won the other, and if not, the other, but the fact is that none, as they say, “does”.
Emilio will therefore be reviewed in depth the strategy.
As in Spain, where LaSexta Encounter looks older every day in political difficulties, which prevent it from taking off and be considered by the population it is intended as a serious channel, objective, entertaining, credible and therefore reliable. Characteristics of which is thus not being part of the picturesque group Jaume Roures – that Marxist activist who says he does not care about money, but their political and ideological ideas – in Spain LaSexta is something like that Mexico would be a television channel owned by Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Thus. Like that. Thus. Its website, for example, similar to space is becoming even possessing the news page of the newspaper El Peje in Mexico. It uses the same adjectives, for example. It is the space of a news channel, entertainment, but a channel with ideology, Marxist ideology and fight the bat that there are called “the extreme right.”
And as such, is now at the center of discussion in all the Spanish media, in connection with the beating to Berlusconi, but in the back, who handed a reporter who was parodied in LaSexta and decided to refer this haberlepuesto in his mouth by death threats. The journalist, Herman Tertsch – highly respected for its analysis in El Pais, ABC and now a channel on television – he complained that the version issued by LaSexta about what he had said, was endangering both his family and him, because there were people who wanted to assault him, believing that death threats were aired. And sure enough: strangers attacked him from behind and is now hospitalized.
LaSexta The problem is that the channel is ideological, serving the Socialist Party, which lacks objectivity and credibility. It is half party, then, where Catholics are attacked or not to be, are not socialists. It is a television channel operated for ideological management Roures.
But anyway, the point is that while in Spain that television has generated only Emilio Azcarraga Jean, economic losses and inconvenience in Mexico would be to implement a new monetary and human investment in Televisa, just information in your area.
The model driven zedillato on Mexican television, every day brings less resistance to mass access to information through the Internet environment where officers do not fit these truths from another time, as the daily indoctrination that is distilled through the so-called leftist intellectuals, almost to the end of the Televisa nightly newscast.
In the middle of a dispute between shareholders of Televisa and the absence of Emilio Azcarraga Milmo on the occasion of his illness, did his zedillato on Mexican television, first, acting as a support for one of the groups that fought the operative the consortium, and second, through pressure on TV Azteca by Ricardo Salinas Pliego loan he received from the brother of former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari to acquire the state television.
Two former officials of the Interior took over the area news and political relations in TV Azteca, and a close aide of Zedillo and exsubsecretario of state, has since that time the same on Televisa. And so they came days that were disseminated “leaks” against exmandatario Salinas de Gortari, through television news.
The model had an impact moment. But as time ran out.
Now, import that Televisa could make a part of the team working at Radio XEW, may be at risk of delving into a scheme that hurt the PRI in its dealings with Mexican society  and now in Spain, El Pais and LaSexta, with its low ratings: that is, the ideology. We must remember that the support he has had in Spain’s Socialist Party, has been precisely the group that runs the country (SER) and the handling LaSexta (Mediapro) … both partners at Televisa.
The two groups are experiencing in Spain for three serious problems:
* Drop in audience and readers, respectively.
* A degree of economic indebtedness elervado.
* The possible collapse of its main political ally: the government of Rodriguez Zapatero, whose levels of popularity on the decline.
In short, in light of these considerations, it would not be inconvenient given that Emilio Azcarraga Jean, now, the change of course expected.

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