“Mexican Legislators deceive Catholics and the Church?

December 17, 2009

* LEGISLATIVE “PAN” may not receive communion
* HAVE ABORTION support the decriminalization of
There are two legal ways to promote the practice of abortions:
1 .- In bestowing the same character abortion “right” under existing law, and
2 .- decriminalization.
In Mexico, amid the prevailing party politics, are being carried out both maneuvers, with the complacent silence of the bishops of the Church.
* The call PRD (Democratic Revolutionary Party) has promoted the first route, through reforms that have been implemented in Mexico City – the largest and most populous country – where it has the legislative majority.
* The PAN (National Action Party) and PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party), which together have the congressional majority in the states that make Mexico, have followed the second path.
The path taken by the PRD, which is an avowedly socialist party, which has generated the most controversy, is to assume a position open for the practice of abortion.
In contrast, the overtly social democratic PRI, and the adversary of the maligned Spanish Popular Party, the Mexican PAN, have finally succumbed to pressure from gay and abortion lobbies within and outside the country, to deceive the Catholic people – counting ignorance or complicity of the bishops -, to decriminalize abortion.
A) From a religious viewpoint, abortion is a sin.
B) From a moral standpoint, in case of a measure that affects a person innocent and defenseless, abortion is a wrongful act.
C) From a legal standpoint, if part of the consideration that the State is said guarantor of human life from the moment of conception until death, then the elimination of being helpless and innocent that is found live and develop in the womb of a woman, should be penalized, with what you want, jail or prison but the sentence must be the reason that we act against that person still small, with all the aggravation of the law:
* Premeditation.
* Treachery.
* Benefit.
Why expose the above?
Simply because in Mexico, in 17 Mexican states have made amendments to state constitutions, consisting of two aspects:
1 .- awarded to the State the category of “guarantor” of the right to life of everyone since it is designed to grave .- These reforms are those that have received most attention from some media, to be led to believe people that way in Mexico is building a “shield” (sic) against abortion and for life.
This would be true, but for what siquient:
2 .- Together with the reform which gives the state the category of “guarantor” of the life of the person from the moment of conception until death, other reforms are made, consisting of decriminalizing abortion and only commit the same State to provide “support” or “help” medical in nature “integral” to any woman who practices hereinafter abortion. Such aid, post-abortion is performed, shall require women to end the life of his son, like it or not accept it.
Is not that the “shield” (sic) against abortion is a hoax?
From a sentimental point of view has been said that what is sought is that women who practice abortion do not suffer more punishment, as is to be imprisoned. And in this game has fallen, even, to the rector of the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City, Father Agustin Rivera, who has come to declare a lie, like a position of the Catholic Church. He said: “The Church does not favor that is punishable to women who have abortions, but they provide support to prevent this tragedy.” This is false. The Church has repeatedly stated that the grievance against the innocent and helpless, no matter how immoral and sinful it is, should be penalized!. And certainly, those who pretendenabortar, they should provide all necessary support to persuade them to kill when they have inside. But there must be a real sex education – comprehensive – in order to avoid promiscuity and premarital and extramarital relations, since in these is which produces the largest number of pregnancies. The Church is not, therefore, blindly demanding prison for mothers abortionists, but on what legal penalty is maintained because the kill a defenseless and innocent can not go unpunished, without penalty, any it may be, and not necessarily jail. But it can not be decriminalized abortion because it would in turn make a greater injustice: leave unpunished murder.
Precisely because the Church and Catholics are convinced that abortion is – as he said two days ago, Pope Benedict XVI – is an unnatural act, is that in every country in the world that seek to decriminalize it, have expressed rejection.
Is not it true that even deny communion to those politicians and lawmakers who vote in favor of decriminalizing abortion?
You can not therefore be Catholic politician and pass reforms that decriminalized abortion. It is a contradiction. A contradiction.
Even recently a U.S. legislator, a member of Clan Kennedy, revealed that the bishop denied communion for supporting the decriminalization of abortion.
In Mexico, has sought to conceal all of these questions. PAN lawmakers who call themselves Catholics, voted in favor of reform in the pretext that one of them gets the state “guarantees” the right to life of the conceived, what good such a claim if the other party maintaining the “exceptions” to commit abortions and legalize them, under the state aid after the commission of the crime committed with aggravating all of the law?
The bishops, meanwhile, quietly.
And Catholic politicians who voted for the reforms continue communing … although precisely those excluded from communion with the Church they claim to belong and the religion they say practice?
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