Mexico makes the dead; drug addicts US

December 20, 2009
* NARCO: Pausing or deleting CAPOS NOT SOLUTION
Festina, as has been done, the assassination of the head of one of the many drug cartels operating in Mexico, is the clearest example of the dangerous revival of the dreaded Mexico Barbaro.
That is, by operating the official fight to death against drug gangs in Mexico has spent Festina arrest of the ringleaders, the dismemberment of the gangs and the seizure of product … A Feast killing bosses intermediates.
In other words, during the present government, Mexico has been gradually pulling the strings to such an extent on the violin, was overrun and the line between fighting crime than it is revenge, revenge, a vendetta.
Let us explain:
We understand that the purpose of government is not killing the interim leaders of drug gangs. We understand, however, that the objective is to maintain social peace and security and create conditions for promoting the common good, including through strong and sustained fight against crime in all aspects.
In the present case, the shot only fights against the gangs responsible for the distribution and wholesale, has the major drawback of falling into the same mistake that has mired the Western armies in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Israel against the Palestinians despite what a feast the assassination of leaders through bombing, can not actually win the war because the gangs are multiplying, autoreproducen, is to regenerate. The interim chief jailed or killed, is replaced by another.
The government of Carlos Salinas de Gortari was the first who started out war against drug gangs, and without technical means as sophisticated as now used, arrested intermediate lords who once had operated with impunity and even had had the luxury of torture and murder, for example, the U.S. agent Enrique Camarena in Guadalajara. Torture in which, by the way, according to U.S. authorities following the case and taken to the courts of the country, participated in-law of former President Luis Echeverria.
Many believed, and that with the single arrest of Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo (a) Don Neto, in 1985, and others, such as Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo and Rafael Caro Quintero, everything was finished, and that was not true. Proof of this is what we are witnessing today. The bands were multiplied, the headquarters became more nebulous for the intelligence services and trade and production of the drug was not only maintained, but increased to levels never suspected billionaires.
And you know why?
Simply because governments have only been dedicated to addressing the symptoms and not the cause.
The symptoms are represented by the production, processing drugs, gangs forming distributors and marketers.
The cause is consumption. If there were no demand, these symptoms are not presented. And consumption persists and even grows because the ultimate cause is spiritual social breakdown resulting from the disregard of virtuous practice, rampant nihilism, secularism, the multiplication of divorces, the existential void of modernity, the destruction of the family. ..
Therefore the killing of Arturo Beltran Leyva can not be hasty. The war with bullets does not guarantee success. Because you can remove the heads, but the networks remain in place. And the demand continues. Several items are worthy of consideration:
1 .- Mexico continues to place the dead, but mainly United States continues to consumers.
2 .- We emphasize that what is required to end the bloodshed, is an integrated campaign – which has not been implemented – which tends to avoid consumption.
3 .- You need to be made too strong action against other cartels, for the abatement of Beltran Leyva – as is clear from these official versions on the formation of groups and existing subdivisions – strengthens that of Joaquin Guzman ( a) El Chapo, considered by Forbes magazine as one of the most powerful and wealthy of the world.
So the final question would be like the boy in the Chevrolet Cheyenne: “And El Chapo, papa …?”

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