The New King of Drugs in Mexico

January 8, 2010
* DISTURBING CHURCH image manipulation and religious symbols in BODY OF ARTURO BELTRAN LEYVA
While Germany continues to fall in the unemployment rate due to tax cuts enacted by the Social Christian government of Angela Merkel in Mexico alone has received a true gift of Kings is the richest and most powerful drug trafficker in the world: Joaquin Guzman Loera, known as El Chapo.

Indeed, Mexican security forces have achieved what he never could Chapo: decapitating and dismembering his band go rival that of the Beltran Leyva brothers.
Today, as a consequence, El Chapo no longer seems to be a capo of capos, but the King of Kings.
The picture presented in Mexico, thus, is contrasting: the bulk of the population facing the high cost of living and unemployment, while in the prestigious Forbes magazine listed Joaquin Guzman Loera, El Chapo, as one of the most powerful and richest in the world.
The Mexican government   chose the same route that the Spanish Socialist: raising taxes in order to transfer the cost to society of the crisis. In contrast, the German government took the opposite way and success is overwhelming, because the unemployment rate maintains a steady decline.
So, 2010 is presented as one of the most difficult for the Mexican population:
* Increased taxes.
* New taxes.
* Inflation of costs sustained by the increase in motor fuels by the government.
The picture is bleak:
* Credit institutions and department store chains face an increase in the number of accounts outstanding.
* The demand in general has fallen.
* Only the commercial channels have been relatively constant figures, by the sale of essential goods, since the bulk of the population is once again immersed in a subsistence economy. This explains the rise in sales of brands like WalMart, for example.
* Shipments of capital into the country – from U.S. to Mexico, on behalf of farmers who have been illegally or legally admitted to the American Union in the hope of a decent standard of living – has deteriorated significantly as a result of the crisis in the U.S..
And the environment in which there were
Faced with such economic outlook, but the war still shot against drug trafficking, the date without submitting a comprehensive comparison, which attack all areas of production, cultivation, widespread consumption. Not so. That is, other units should actively, remain outside the efforts made by Calderon. It lacks a preventive campaign against consumption and risks of participating in marketing, for example.
Most significant of all is that the macabre feast some Mexican authorities for the official strafing one of Capos Capos in the city of Cuernavaca, Arturo Beltrán Leyva, had a political effect counterproductive:
A) The disclosure of images of naked, bloodied and covered artificially ticket of Artuto Beltran Leyva, s and he reverted to the Mexican authorities both nationally and internationally, were severely criticized.

B) The dignitaries included condemnation of the Catholic Church, as Bishop Raul Vera, who said the strafing of Beltran Leyva – with dozens of bullet holes, many of which are produced by gunshots at close range -,, to conclude that his murder had been a real extrajudicial execution. 
C) On 19 and 20 December in this same space we got echo findings made by church officials in private, to show that implementation of Beltran Leyva seemed to have exceeded the limits of legality to approach that of the vendetta and scenes of that nature were not seen in Mexico since the government’s war against Catholics, between 1926 and 1929, known as the Cristero War, in which the elements of the army hung on poles heads of religious leaders murdered.
Faced with the reactions in many different ways, efforts have measures that can be missed for any analyst of the Mexican political scene:
1 .- One week after the execution dee Beltran Leyva, ie on 23 December, Mexican President Felipe Calderón ordered a series of highly significant changes to the intelligence analysts from the outside:

* He appointed Juan Miguel Alcántara Soria as executive secretary of the National Public Security System (SNSP)  
* Alcántara Soria report to the Interior Ministry and not the Secretary of Public Safety.
* This means that no longer responsible for the National System of Public Security Public Security Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna.
* Descended Jorge Tello Peon (shown at left) and left him only as technical secretary but the national security cabinet, attached to the Presidency of the Republic.
2 .- Four days after that change, the government of Morelos announced the initiation of investigations to ascertain who had handled the body of Arturo Beltran Leyva after his execution in Cuernavaca.
3 .- As a result of the above, were indicted and suspended from their duties to employees under the Local Forensic Medical Service, who immediately fought back and declared that they had not made the manipulation of the body of Beltran Leyva. By contrast, said: “In their statements located in the administrative record VG/SV/302-12 experts say that when they arrived to the scene Beltran Leyva’s body” had already been drawn and not at the place where he fallen. “

The inspector general of the department, Erwin de las Casas Oscar Flores, said the experts reported in its report that the order for the removal of the corpse was a federal authority, but could not identify them because they were covered face.
The workers told the local press that “when they arrived at the crime scene, everything had been handled by members of the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico, then why now they want clean with us, because of something you never did” .
Anonymously said that among the irregularities inherent in this case shows that came to an “uprising” that corresponded to them because their source was federal in nature.

They add that shortly after one am on that Wednesday the coordinator of the Medical Examiner and Forensics Service were ordered to transfer the scene for the removal of the corpse, “all in the midst of a strong secrecy by the elements Navy, but not those who were in uniform, but other plainclothes.
“When you get to (housing complex) Altitude, ask us to stop, ordered us to wait, that at the entrance, then allow us to enter the lower part of the garden before you start entering the buildings, where we get a man and a woman in civilian clothes, which we believe are from the Navy, and it is they who tell us how to do things, going first to see two bodies that had been left out, without allowing us to collect the evidence as provided the norm, we say that as things stand, we do our job. “
“Upon entering the apartment buildings and reach the number 201 found the body 3, which then would know was that of Arturo Beltran Leyva, but for this, when we reach this place, the Navy allowed the access of reporters and cameramen media and that is where it alters the crime scene, while we are in an adjoining room, the Navy let the photographers and cameramen take pictures of a body, which was covered with notes of different denominations and other objects “.

The Forensic Medical Service workers demonstrating against because federal authorities are trying to hold them accountable for something they did not commit.
“As is obvious, only elements of the Navy had full control over the crime scene, so much so, that moments after we finish doing our work, as they told us and wanted us to do, came elements of the Attorney General’s Office and demanded us of why we did the surveys, if they who matched these interviews, but we explain that we only receive orders, then, why we now want to blame something that did not .
The workers claim that the accusations against him are not only located as suspects but are placed in a state of total helplessness.
“What is it?, That federal authorities are cleaned with us at the expense of anything that’s criminal and it is your responsibility what happens to us,” they said. (El Universal, 29 December 2009).

4 .- could see the eagerness of those who ordered the photographs, to involve religious symbols and images, specifically Catholic, with the body of Arturo Beltran Leyva. He even placed a rosary, a medal, the image of a saint and others. In another we see how he gathered on a table, several images of the Virgin Mary in her various avatars. And if this little fuerfa, the mood of “lower your pants.” It seems also get in evidence that died first the effect of the fray, because it has completely dislocated his right arm, detached from the body, but not as a result of gunfire. (In the upper circles of the Catholic Church, including diplomats accredited to the country itself, this manipulation of the body and religious images of deep indignation).
Images of that nature, as can be seen, created ill effects and did see appeared to be product rather than a legalistic mindset, but a real vendetta, revenge. They were pictures characteristic of a typical narcomundo mentality. For example this “pull down his pants” …
The fact is that after these images and the scandal it generated in all sectors, President Felipe Calderón made those changes in the area of national security. Highly significant. The intelligence analysts have been assessing, under algunbos other elements:
Tello Peon CISEN he led during the administration of Ernesto Zedillo. In the six years, were held “leakage” of phone calls and others that tended to discredit the former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari and his family through TELEVISA news programs, for example, whose presidency was news area occupied – and to date – for a close excolaborador Ernesto Zedillo.
* As a visible part of the “package” of officials inherited by zedillato, Vicente Fox put Tello Peon the front of the prisons system, but split from him after that El Chapo Guzman escaped from prison.
Felipe Calderón * he was rehabilitated, along with other team members Zedillo, and took him to the security area. I went up and down now, at significant times.
Faced with this accumulation of facts, intelligence analysts believe that President Felipe Calderón finally, the third year of his administration began to take the reins of the national security area, with people of their own, in an effort to make the fight against drug gangs is partner and avoid the consolidation of a single cartel.


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