Chile: Election results have repercussions in Mexico: Strike Plans Official Party Socialist Alliance with

January 19, 2010
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The results of the elections in Chile, on Sunday 17 January 2010, have a broad impact on the political agenda of Mexican President Felipe Calderón and his party, the PAN:
They anticipate their defeat in the elections in which the Mexican ruling party, formally affiliated to the Christian Democratic International, seeks to ally with the Socialists of the PRD.
You just have to remember two things:
1 .- That the Chilean Christian Democrats were associated with the local socialists, leading to Eduardo Frei, son of the Kerensky Chilean presidential candidate. Their alliance was called the Coalition.
2 .- That in Mexico, Calderon’s PAN – formal member of the Christian Democratic movement – has aggressively seeking an alliance with the Socialists local PRD and announced that this year the elections will be held in three states Republic, in what appears to be the test of what is intended for the 2012 presidential elections.

Chile, for one, has a new President: Sebastian Pinera.

* In Germany, won Angela Merkel, Christian Democratic Party, which allied with the Socialists.
In the U.S., Republican Party candidates have won all the elections that have taken place after the Social Democrat Obama came to power.


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