Betting on Change EU ruling party in Mexico

January 27, 2010

* UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR send a direct message

To political analysts, for followers of the Mexican political scene, as well as intelligence experts, was highly significant point made by the U.S. ambassador in Mexico, Carlos Pascual, just the Sunday before in Washington.
Indeed, his words have been described as a three-cushion carom true, that did not go unnoticed within the inner circles of power:
1 .- They show that in the White House there is doubt that the PAN can win the presidential elections of 2012.
2 .- That there welcome in Washington by the replacement of the military in law enforcement tasks in the fight against drug trafficking, as the foreign entrepreneurs representrante installed in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, had complained last December that were subject to extortion. Moreover, there were fruits of the policy implemented by the Mexican government fight narco-only shot:
‘A few hours before lead the way “solution to Juarez,” the representative of 332 maquila plants in the city said that “more than a year of shooting did not end with insecurity, by contrast, the weighted. We have abandoned social fabric. ” (El Universal, 9 December 2009)
3. – To be is expecting a more timely legal action against members of drug cartels, it is done with respect for human rights and that the government strategy is debated, put to discussion.
Regarding the latter we must remember that from the highest circles of power have launched criticisms of the strategy pursued by the Mexican authorities. Forbes magazine, for example, has qualified to Joaquin Guzman Loera, El Chapo, as one of the most powerful but also as one of the richest in the world. Chapo, as is public domain, escaped in the Fox administration of jail and to date has not been arrested. And recently, the influential European magazine The Economist echoed those who point out that in the fight against Mexican gangs, is favored to El Chapo Guzman.
Remember that some have noted that if the Mexican ruling party PAN loses the presidential election of 2012, Mexico may fall into the hands of drug gangs. The representative of the White House, however, denied this assumption. He said:

“He expressed confidence that there is political consensus in Mexico that should not relent in the fight against drug trafficking. I have spoken with representatives of the three main political parties (PAN, PRI and PRD). All reaffirm that the fight against drug trafficking must follow.

The risk, as some have said, d and that maybe with the election of 2012 is somehow going to loose this fight against drugs, I do not see. I do not share the fear that the drug war wanes after the 2012 elections, he said. “(La Jornada, 25 January 2010, p. 14)

What does the above?

Just two things:

A) It disrupts the PAN campaign aimed at instilling fear among the people, that if he loses the election, Mexico will become a narco-state.

B) With the above clearly shows up in the White House, there is no favorite for the 2012 presidential election. So much so that even have spoken with leaders of major parties to ensure commitment in the battle against drug cartels … “after the 2012 elections” (sic). If Washington were sure of an election victory PAN in the presidential elections within two years, would the event that their representatives speak with leaders of opposition parties – the PRI and PRD – to know what to do “after the 2012 elections? Are not no?

In other words, therefore, Obama would not bet on the PAN.

For the current PAN.

For the PAN’s presidential revived and confirmed yesterday, in which its members have to settle for lifting the finger at any presidential initiative. As did the old PRI … and cost him the presidency.


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