February 4, 2010




Since 25 September 2009, warned that because of his misguided government decisions, and their eagerness to restore presidentialism, Mexican President Felipe Calderón had lost the election last July, and with them the popular support, the leadership within his own party, and support from their natural allies. And to handle such a scenario, Calderon seemed to follow the advice or example of Ernesto Zedillo, who face a similar scenario that he lived as president in 2000 declined the presidency of Mexico give the opposition candidate, Vicente Fox, rather than admit triumph of the candidate of his own party, the PRI, Francisco Labastida Ochoa.
Thus, last September anticipate that Calderon would experience in elections to renew the Oaxaca state government this year, an alliance with the Socialist Party Mexican PRD presidential election of 2012.
In September last year to date, all steps taken by both President Calderon as the national leadership of his party, the PAN, are oriented in this direction: to promote ideological diversion leads to an alienation of both – government and Mexican official party – to the interests of the Communist International – Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia – and the International Socialist or Social Democratic – Spain, Brazil, Argentina …–.
1 .- The President Calderon in Mexico was deposed Manuel Zelaya themselves with all the honors of a head of state is not.
2 .- A few weeks later sent a plane of the Mexican Air Force to try to get the same Zelaya of Honduras, where she had gone underground with the complicity of the Brazilian Socialist government of Lula da Silva.
3 .- In the United Nations last December the Mexican representative voted for a motion supported by social democratic governments and encouraged by the gay and abortion lobbies, which was rejected by a majority of African countries, Muslims and the Caribbean.
4 .- The president of Mexico’s ruling party visible, Cesar Nava, opened the doors of that body to the socialist exlegisladora Ruth Zavaleta, a supporter of abortion and marriages between persons of the same sex, which he described as “woman of exception.” 5 .- The PAN announced that not only ally itself with the Socialists in elections the PRD’s Oaxaca state, but in other entities, such traditionally Catholic Puebla, Hidalgo, Durango, which also held elections this year.
6 .- The president himself visible PAN Cesar Nava, highlighted by some supposedly of Catholic doctrine rejected any argument against the legalization of marriages between same sex and the granting of rights to enable them to adopt children, adopted by the socialist PRD legislators in Mexico City. By contrast, after publicly denying God based on moral or assumed liberal behavior, announcing the completion of a survey.
7 .- It was announced that Mexico will come to Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez. He will meet with the President Felipe Calderón in Cancun, the favorite recreational site millionaires. It is a contradiction, since Hugo Chávez, for example announced the expropriation of golf courses in hotels Venezuelans, he says that is a sport of “capitalists”.
8 .- But the fact that has attracted the attention of political analysts, is the release of Michoacan to public servants that federal authorities had found associated with the drug cartels. It was huge scandal on his arrest. Now, without more, are free.
Indeed, despite its having been appropriated by participating in organized crime activities, it is now being released for lack of evidence.
For months, federal authorities have hypothesized that operation, called The MIchacanazo.
Now, however, the PRD is an ally of the ruling party, the PAN.
What else can see, in this official effort to link to the PRD?
How far?
How far are willing to go the government and the PAN, in its attempt to try to prevent the expected return of the PRI to the presidency of the Republic?


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