Woods: "You look for lovers or his Mother?

February 20, 2010

* Pathology, promiscuity BEHIND

Is it enough if a few hours ago the famous golfer Tiger Woods has offered a public apology by their sexual behavior, which became a scandal in the world?

In other words: is it enough to publicly admit the commission of improper conduct towards ensuring that it will not be repeated?

The scandals of Tiger Woods and Silvio Berlusconi, forced to seek sources of dissatisfaction in people who seem to have it “all”.

The root of sexual behavior appears to be disordered or fame, nor money, nor the power in themselves, as it also occurs frequently in people of different socioeconomic strata.

Sure, having money, fame or power, makes certain experiences. But the background motivation for sexual misconduct, seems to lie not in some of these three factors, but in childhood, in the relationship he had with parents, and primarily with the mother.


Tiger Woods, for example, with great fame, great wealth, with huge trophies and a young wife, sexy and true … why was busy holding meetings the same with a waitress with a model, dancer or a society lady? How to explain a similar behavior on the part of Silvio Berlusconi, a man from whom one could also say that “has everything”, but is striving to seek pleasure with prostitutes?

From the scandal unleashed by Woods, who stated that there was infidelity could have an organic origin, cerebral nature. But a relative of the famous golfer, gave an interesting clue when he said that as a kid, Tiger was unsafe.

This uncertainty, revealed by a relative of Tiger, talking psychotherapeutically can mean the difference between what is an act of infidelity – married or not – what it means sexual promiscuity. Obviously not the same.

Thus, it is the same as having committed a sexual act outside marriage, being married or unmarried, fornicating with one and another and another. The latter, regardless of their immoral burden, clearly reveals a pathology that, while not duly served with a proper, upright, healthy, professional support, continue sabotaging personal pursuits of driving straight, that is, without ranting. (In fact, Tiger Woods’s statement came just months after he was admitted to a clinic, which he took this picture as he left the stage during his detention).

Indeed, many who come to psychotherapy and analysis show a strong tendency towards sexual promiscuity, a diligent search of sexual experiences in childhood lacked affectionate love samples – “I was never told my mom or my dad I wanted “- or were abruptly interrupted the mother-child union that occurs during nursing.

The lack of maternal breast, and ultimately the untimely cancellation of breastfeeding, often lead to displeasure, dissatisfaction with the baby, the passing of time – during adolescence or adulthood – is manifested with insecurities, feelings of abandonment, loneliness, indecision endemic. Thus, the incompleteness of the mother-child cycle during early childhood, tries unsuccessfully to be balanced and supplemented with an insatiable quest for a body, a chest, a woman who unwittingly serves as the mother not was taken in full in the first phase of development.

Stop abruptly, unexpectedly, breastfeeding the child, therefore, not only produces a lack of feeding it rich in natural nutrients, but additional security features.

No wonder, therefore, find that adult males and, in the midst of difficult situations, cry, leaned against the chest of your partner and ask that embrace it.


During analytical sessions, arriving finally to link the lack of loving words of their parents and / or lack of full breast-shaped during early childhood, with that search by heat, aroma, body, the maternal breast, trying to find, and failed, prostitutes and multiple mistresses.

One characteristic of the Woods – whose wife is attractive in a bikini in the photo on the left – of the Berlusconi is also looking for women with prominent breasts, as if this was the early lost object.

Truthfully say that he loves, in whom the relief is expressed. But additionally focused on her listener, and that honesty is perceived by the other, that really feels loved.

In the light of empirical evidence in psychotherapies, all finally seem to indicate that if we learn from small to feel and know how to express the love subsidiary, hardly get to present – as parents – and feelings of guilt, or – as teenagers or adults are dissatisfied in childhood by the incompleteness of the life cycle of love – to have a promiscuous behavior in the field of sexuality.

All the above does not mean they are ignorant or minusvaluemos the negative effect they have had on people’s sexual behavior, contraceptive use, use of the “morning after pill” and all other actions taken by the promoters of the “social re-engineering” that has sought to separate sexuality from morality. Nor unfamiliar with the effect of original sin as the ultimate root of human lust.

Moreover, it is important to note that this disorderly conduct, sexual promiscuity, not only occurs in men, but even in many women, from adolescence, whose conditions can be seen by the indifference with which practice called “acostones” with each other, set in an absolute lack of guilt or regret.

Usually occurs in women more often that promiscuous sexual behavior, characteristic of the disorder called Narcissistic Narcissistic Personality Disorder – which always tries to seduce her;   feel beautiful, sexy, provocative, take and display their photographs portray in public to attract attention and find security and approval that he lacked in his childhood – characteristic of a major psychiatric and psychoanalytic ills currently afflicting: the call limit or borderline personalities.

* The author is a psychotherapist. It has earned an MA in Clinical Psychology and Master of
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.


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