Woods’s Kiss your Mom; "his golf clubs mimic your penis?

February 23, 2010

* WHAT THE KISS MATERNAL evidenced Tiger Woods?



When Tiger Woods offered a public apology for his sexual behavior exposed by the media, was his mother, not his wife, who took him in her hands and kissed him on the mouth.

A kiss of that nature is not common among mothers and children.
Commonly a kiss on the cheek.
Watch that scene, seems to confirm our assertion made days ago in this space, in the sense that both compulsiveness as promiscuous sexual behavior of Tiger Woods, appeared rather symptoms of a disease whose origin is in the relationship primary, initial, between him and his mother.
Compulsivity and promiscuity are not synonymous. But both bring out pathologies. And Tiger gave the two behaviors: either a constant sexual activity, women as diverse as the revelations of the media have not been denied.
We have said that conduct such as those presented by the famous golfer, are not exclusive to men, but also often occur in women.
What should be clear is that compulsivity and sexual promiscuity in men and women, are not diseases themselves, but only the symptom, is an expression.
Disordered sexual behaviors are not usually presented alone. Rather, they are part of a whole series of expressions that people – both those who suffer as their relatives, friends and family – not connecting them. But all these manifestations are often the symptoms of a pathological personality:
* Anxiety, which often reveals itself early and often classified as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
* Hypochondriacs.
* Phobias.
* Tendency to addictions with the impulsive character, such as sex, food (called psychogenic obesity), alcohol, kleptomania, and so on.
* Narcissism.
* Obsessive-compulsive symptoms.
* Insecurity, expressed often through a remarkably indecisive personality that seeks to chronicle the approval of others.
The root of this personality called by some limit, is in childhood, in the early mother-child relationship is not adequately developed and became a conflict, so far unresolved.
So the above is true, that this child unresolved conflict leads to child, in adolescence or adulthood, to adopt behaviors that unwittingly attempt to revive the past in an effort to find the fullness unmet early, in childhood.
That we can observe, for example, conduct that accuse an oral origin of the conflict: men and women subconsciously want everything through the compulsive pleasure of smoking, chewing gum, always have a sweet or lollipop in the mouth or While in “the suck” as you say vulgar but significantly to drink alcohol.
The oral origin concerns us breast.
The kiss on the mouth, the mother of Tiger Woods, seem openly oral precisely locate a conflict between them, given the sexual problem that has shown the intimate behavior of the golfer, but discovered from some media revelations.
Indeed, a case known affair by Tiger, led to the discovery that it was not just a problem of infidelity, but a pathological behavior relations multiple sexual compulsive.
From the point of view of traditional psychoanalysis, it is clear that there is a close connection, ultimately, between his compulsive and promiscuous sexual activity, with victories in the world of golf, where he used the stick would come to represent, in his unconscious, a penis powerful it can do everything and before which many women will bend. What we would turn referring the deep origin of the conflict arising in the oral stage and the need seems to have its men’s sexual affirmation.


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