Benefits to dictators like Chavez and Castro a "new OAS without U.S. or Canada

February 25, 2010



Create a “new OAS without U.S. participation and Canada, is not in itself a breakthrough, but can become a serious political setback:
1 .- Only benefits the Castro dictatorship,
2 .- Give certificate of naturalization to the daily violation of basic human rights that is occurring in countries with governments openly Communist ideology, like Cuba and Venezuela, for example, and
3 .- It seems to confirm the socialist or social orientation of its foreign policy has assumed that the current Mexican government headed by Felipe Calderón, in contradiction to the Christian Democratic membership of the party that brought him to power.
Indeed, in Cancun was a meeting of Presidents. There, the government of Felipe Calderón led the demand to create a new agency that brings together Latin American countries, but without the assistance of the United States and Canada.
This proposal has been presented as a victory, actually seems a step backwards. For those who have forgotten the history, we must remember that 48 years ago in Punta del Este, Uruguay, held the Eighth Meeting of Consultation of Ministers of the Organization of American States and it was agreed during the expulsion of the Castro government agency, under the incompatibility of libertarian principles and purposes of the American system.
The meeting took place in January 1962, perhaps when many of us were born or were very young.
The clear human rights violations practiced by the dictatorship of the Castro brothers – Fidel and Raul – due to the avowedly Marxist-Leninist orientation of his government, prompted the regime imposed by force of arms in Cuba was expelled from OAS.
It was an action against the Cuban people, but against the Castro dictatorship.
From there, repeatedly, the customary violation of human rights by the Castro dictatorship, was documented, approved and ordered by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.
The aforementioned American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS condemned not only Cuba, but other governments, according to allegations, investigations conducted by specialists and final evaluations of its members, which appear in their so-called “Reports”.
The fundamental rights recently led to the same American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS to condemn such practices of the government of Hugo Chávez. Without going any further, just today, Thursday 25 February 2010, gave to light a voluminous report of 319 pages, which you realize that in Venezuela “is being used the punitive power of the State to intimidate or punish persons under their political opinion. “
The same Report of the OAS expresses the clear violations of personal freedom in exercising their rights, such as speech, such as disseminating ideas and information, and how “a pattern of impunity in cases of violence” against people who disagree with the Marxist-Leninist government of Chavez.
Reports by human rights violation, annoy dictatorial governments. Thus the Venezuelan people have demanded the presence of OAS commission to give an independent account of the violation of their rights by Chavez, as revealed by the photograph reproduced in one of the many marches against the Venezuelan dictator. That is why a “new OAS without U.S. and Canada,” can produce two immediate effects of negative character:
A) gives a certificate of naturalization to dictators in the middle of democratic governments, and

B) for eliminating surveillance on respect for human rights.
The pretext is “unity.”
Curious, significantly, the proclamation of “the new OAS without the U.S. and Canada” arrived at the same time when the Castro dictatorship was condemned by the United States and European countries, due to the death of a respected human rights defender in Cuba, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, on Tuesday 23 February this year after a hunger strike for 80 days.
As if that were not enough above, the Castro ordered the arrest of dozens of opposition during the Wednesday 24, with the purpose that had not come to the funeral of Zapata Tamayo.
It is clear that any such actions would no longer be neither investigated nor sanctioned by a“New OAS without the U.S. and Canada”, because the Castro, Chavez, Evo Morales, Kirchner and the other way would create institutions to their advantage, for their benefit. No one to “scold”.
As can therefore be seen, the affected people would or will.
Now, dictators will be judge and party to human rights.

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