Ethics Is what makes Carlos Slim (richest man in the world) in Spain?

May 19, 2010

Well, today is Carlos Slim has entered the board of the Criteria Group of Spain.

The oddest thing about this is that the addition of Charles to that Hispanic Group presentsfeatures that make it amazing:

1 .- It is the majority shareholder.

2 .- Share and seat on the board of Criteria, a company that is the main shareholder of the leading rival of Carlos Slim in the field of mobile telephony.

Indeed, Criteria is the main shareholder of MOVISTAR, AMERICA MOVIL main competitor.

3 .- As if that were not enough, Slim has made the life of squares to phones in Mexico.

4 .- And as if that were not enough, it turns out that the phone has been associated with the group Televisa and MEGACO, to compete with Telmex in fiber optics.

Here one could ask:

No one doubts the courage of Carlos Slim … but it is honest, ethical, that is on the board of the group that is the main shareholder ded its main competitor?

In the U.S., one of the heads of Google left the board of Apple, when Google became a competitor of this one, for ethical reasons.

Slim’s case in Spain, then, surely will be debated in Business Ethics classes of universities.


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