The World’s Richest Man strikes again … without Ethics

May 25, 2010

* EMPLOYERS surprise and displeasure, who fear “inside information”
Every day that passes, the world’s richest Mexican, Carlos Slim, surprising both European entrepreneurs as well as teachers of Business Ethics of the most prestigious universities in the world with their movement to expand its economic tentacles.
In Spain, for example, businessmen ranging from surprise to surprise with the actions of Slim.
The 1st Without being in possession of most of the shares, entered the board of the Spanish consortium Criteria, which is the main shareholder of TELEFONICA, turn the main competitor of America Movil, Slim’s company in the field of mobile phone.
(In Mexico, operating TELEFONICA MOVISTAR. And in that country, both companies have had serious confrontations, not only commercial, but even legal in nature. How is it possible, then, that Slim is now associated with the holder of the largest firm part of the shares of Telefónica).
Well, if this situation was surprised and raised serious questions among scholars of business ethics, it is now, Slim has gone a step further forward, which caused not only confusion but also unpleasant comments. It is apparent that … 
The 2nd was learned that Carlos Slim is buying shares of the company telephone Lusa de PORTUGAL TELECOM, which in turn competes with Spanish TELEFONICA by the Brazilian made LIVE.
In fact, the Spanish Telefonica (Movistar) has offered a Portuguese PORTUGAL TELECOM a great price to buy 50% of the shares held by Brazil’s VIVO.
The European business community are asking how can she do that?
Specialists in business ethics in Spain and the United States have written e-mail to this columnist to ask:
* Slim How can you make that?
* What is it not ethical?
* How did you first enter the Governing Body of the main shareholder of its competitor, the Spanish-TELEFONICA MOVISTAR, then leaving with it too will enter the council PORTUGAL TELECOM Portuguese, Spanish main competitor?
* What is it?
What such a move perhaps not to compete unfairly, since possess inside information to benefit personal interests?
In short, you and I can have our own point of view, but those are the questions that we did yesterday. We share with you. What do you think?

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