Conspiracy to smuggle drugs, Russians, Chinese and Cubans to the U.S. from Mexico

June 1, 2010



The recent arrest of drug-candidate of the ruling party PAN and the PRD socialist State government tourist Quintana Roo, Gregorio Sánchez Martínez, has become a political bombshell in Mexico and the United States:
1 .- It has uncovered links between intelligence officials of the Castro dictatorship in Cuba, with drug gangs operating in Mexico.
2 .- He has revealed to the intelligence analysts in both countries and behind the international campaign against the so-called Law Arizona narco gangs are responsible for communist infiltration from Mexico on U.S. soil by illegal Cuban, Chinese and Russian .
3 .- It has validated the hypothesis of intelligence centers, in the sense that one of the objectives of the Cuban intelligence is “sowing” in Mexican territory Castro agents who, whether through marriage to citizens of this country or through the nationalization process, looking to enter the political organs of Mexico to crew in their interests.
4 .- It has demonstrated the desire of the Castro to manipulate the domestic politics of Mexico,  claim that a Cuban wife of Gregorio Sánchez Martínez drug candidate, ie, Niurka Saliva Alba Benitez become “candidate” to “governor” of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, while her husband kept under judicial process. What started out to be the “first lady” of the state.
Do not forget significant elements:
* Niurka, the wife of the candidate drug PAN-PRD alliance government of Quintana Roo, is the daughter of Jose Angel Pino Saliva, Interior Ministry colonel in Cuba, who works for the intelligence services (intelligence) of the Castro regime.
* Saliva Cuban Colonel Pino, in effect, ” has always been close to Fidel Castro . “
* There are testimonies that the same Niurka is directly involved with the infiltration of illegal Cubans, Russians and Chinese to the United States via Mexico:
“Greg’s wife, Niurka Saliva Alba Benítez, taking advantage of Cuban origin, was responsible to contact their countrymen and their families in the United States, who asked him to pay them out of the island.

“Along with working Niurka Valley Boris Alonso, who was a member of Los Zetas. Puma also participated, a member of the police force in the city of Cancún, who was in charge of the Plaza de Los Zetas. Boris had income accounting of illegal Russians, Chinese and Cubans, as by nationality he had to deliver a timely payment to Puma. “

* In addition, it has also found that he security adviser narco-PRD PAN candidate Greg, the son of a former interior minister in Cuba.

* You must be mentioned that ” in 2004, Greg was charged in Chiapas, homicide and robberyviolence. Greg’s siblings: David, and Daniel Feliciano, defendants serving time for activities related to organized crime. Always, as Castrillon and his story, Magdalena Sanchez, Greg’s sister, was arrested at the airport in Mexico City with her husband and $ 300,000 whose origin could not verify. “
From the foregoing, the intelligence analysts agree:
a) Greg was shielded by Castro’s Cuban intelligence.
b) The links below which seemed to be subject to that, they were betrothed, emotional and economic.
c) The coverage has been offered the ruling party PAN, is a product of innocence, naivete presidentre settled formal, visible, of the party, César Nava and those who advise and promote.
d) It is clear that legal action against the drug candidate had decided not to exercise, as evidenced by the time he had been asleep denunciation against him, against his wife and against others involved, by the protected witness. And they own statement corroborates the Secretary of the Interior (Interior) of Mexico, Fernando Gómez Mont, in the sense that the leftist PRD, had been informed of the investigation long ago.
e) Otherwise, skip a serious, embarrassing question: so much since Greg was framed by the protected witness, and immediately after the results of financial investigations, prosecutors and family members confirmed their involvement with organized crime, was not logical to assume that both the Ministry of the Interior (Fernando Gomez Mont) and the Ministry of Public Security (Genaro Garcia Luna) and the Ministry of Finance (Ernesto Cordero Arroyo), to inform both President Felipe Calderon Cesar Nava of the risk, inconvenience, to make the party a candidate narcopolitics PAN official?
f) Do not be assumed that all the secretaries of state engaged in such research the information you hid Felipe Calderón? “I deliberately hid the data to the nominal president, visible, PAN, Cesar Nava? The latter can not believe it, because the interior minister himself, Gomez Mont said that some time ago and had informed the PRD of investigations.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, then we got to the final question: why, if at Los Pinos, the PAN and the PRD was known about the investigations, PAN and PRD insisted on keeping the candidacy of narco?
But worse still:
What did turn back the government secrecy surrounding the background and narcocandidato clandestine operations of the PAN-PRD and its association with the cartels linked to the intelligence community-Castro Cuba? What forced them to stop the narcocandidato, even at the expense of the prestige of the ruling party?
The answer, according to intelligence analysts in Washington.
Yes, in Washington.
It’s what they say.

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